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Diamonds – 4Cs

Throughout the various stages of life, we celebrate milestones, joyous occasions, commemorative days, and most often, love.  These days, when a special gift or a ring is in order, diamond pieces are at the top of the buying list.  This is because there are few things in the world, which are able to remain timeless and intact as the years go by.

Buying the perfect diamond at Thomas Nevin Jewelers

Where do you start when choosing a diamond especially if it is your first time? No matter if you are looking for earrings, a necklace, or the all-out engagement ring, the process of choosing and assessing the diamonds will be the same – interesting and exciting.

Every diamond in nature is unique regardless of its size, shape, and color.  This was determined in the mid-twentieth century when the 4cs were adopted and recognized by the International Standard for Diamond Assessment. The 4cs are:

·       Cut

·       Clarity

·       Color

·       Carat

The four factors, actually, define the prices and quality of diamonds.

If you take some time to understand the four key factors, you’ll be able to choose any jewelry with diamonds from small pendants to necklaces without a problem. In addition, this knowledge will give you a chance to save money, as well as to protect you from dishonest sellers, interested in selling jewelry with low-quality, overpriced diamonds to the not-so-savvy buyer.


diamond cut

The cut is king when it comes to diamonds. We give you the best advice on which cut to go for!

Diamond Carat

Diamond Weight

Should you go for 1 karat or 0.5 karats? How can I make a small diamond look bigger? Yes, read on.

Diamond Color

diamond color

Learn all about the best diamond color and the color grading scale, which ranges from D to Z.

Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity

Learn how to get a sparkling diamond that will make your girlfriend melt away.

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